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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  December 25, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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maybe somebody should help me. >> a biker rolls up on a strange scene with a woman sitting in the road, so he's going to go up and see what's going on. >> hello? >> what happens when he checks her pulse and finding something he never expected. robbers pull a fast one on a man at an atm. >> that was coordinated, calculated calculated. >> the scam that will have you looking over your shoulder. >> the scenery is breathtaking. >> and so are these camera angles too. >> the video inspiration for lacing up your skates. >> and a diy lesson in candy roses. >> when you come out and make -- >> i'd do what he says. he's a tough guy with a touch of martha stewart. >> she's a gangster, she was
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>> we head over to the uk for some helmet cam. it's only just now started trending on wild fire. seems like an ordinary situation. a bit of traffic on this quiet road but you should realize that people have been around for a while. >> i have no idea. >> the guy on the bike decides i'm going to go to the front. the road is completely blocked in both directions. nobody's coming down that road because it's a single lane bridge. >> oh, my god, is that a person? >> that is a person, just sitting in the middle of the road. >> so the guy on the cycle is like there is a person there. >> maybe someone should help him. >> the person's been there long enough to block traffic and nobody's gone to check on this person? are you kidding me? >> starts patting her on the back, patting her on the leg and now the people that see that this guy is helping out. he's trying to move her. >> he takes off his glove and he checks, checking for a pulse and
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>> she's breathing. >> but she looks dazed and he starts unwinding something from around her neck and then suddenly -- >> oh, my gosh, did somebody strangle her? >> the air burst into her lungs. >> are you all right? >> she lies back, clearly dazed and then this gentleman that came running up, he's in first aid and suggests they put her on the recovery position. >> you use one knee to roll them and it helps people breathe. he starts getting her to talk and a lot of people first do, what's your name? >> let me die. >> no. >> did she put that thing around her neck herself? >> she says let me die. she's obviously in a clearly in a fragile emotional state but this guy, the biker that's been there, turned up and helped her
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minutes, it's time for him to jet off. >> everybody was looking at her. i don't know why nobody helped this lady. >> i feel like there were seconds there. >> unfortunately, this world has some scummy people that try to take advantage of our most vulnerable citizens and watch this. see this man wearing this cap? he's with this other guy that's casually standing behind this 93-year-old man. >> they look suspect to me as soon as they walked in the shot. >> one of the guys moves over to the back. there's yet a third man. watch this. as this man's credit card comes out, this man over here to his left drops something. the man looks over and he's like oh, yeah, that must be my money while one of the other guys takes his card, puts a different card in the slot. >> because he's spying on his pin code. >> he now has his pin code, his card and walks right over to
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>> get off of the camera you scum bag. calculated and scary and you lot. >> and they blend right in with the crowd so nobody would think about them standing there. >> in the hours that followed they ended up taking about $34,000 from this man's account. >> hopefully the bank will cover this man's loss. >> it's quite clearly he didn't do it. you can see right there, the moment that he was robbed. >> police are still looking for these guys. hopefully somebody is able to provide a lead. >> now over to south africa where this surveillance camera caught this. authorities believe he's crawling like this hoping to not set some kind of alarm off. once he feels comfortable he gets up and walked over to the vehicle that you see parked over there under that car park. he's there for a while. there's a woman in her 20s inside the house not realizing
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he takes some stuff from that vehicle. >> did he get a free hat? >> yes. he got a free -- >> good for you, jerk face. >> he takes a car radio from the vehicle. he returns and he takes clothing, a few caps and one of those adjustable wrenches. >> totally worth risking your freedom for. >> to russia where we've got somebody pulled over to the side of the road because you hear the sirens coming. now watch what happens as this ambulance passes. what's that hanging out? are those feet? is that a body that just flops out of the ambulance? >> no! >> it is. >> what on earth? play that again. as the ambulance passes, the foot is already hanging out of the side sliding door of the ambulance and then the whole patient falls out of the ambulance. it's only until horns start honking at the ambulance that it slows down up ahead and stops.
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say that this person was on their way to the hospital. it was a patient in the reports. police say they haven't received any kind of complaint. now, we do believe since there are no reports on this we okay. >> russia. >> this next video comes to us from china. dash cam again. there's a police officer holding on to one of those little cabs, the little three wheeler strike trikes. the officer is trying to stop the cab but not because there's no driver inside. the cabbie, the driver inside did not want to stop for a check point. reports say that this cabbie did not have his documents in order and therefore did not want to stop with the police, but the car with the dash cam decides it's time for him to take
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whoa! >> no reported injuries to the officer. in fact, the driver of that car who got this cab to stop is being commended by police and they say that any damages to his car will be compensated for. >> i love that that citizen was so fed up with what he was seeing that they took action. >> time to lace up these ice skates. the road is full of ice. >> oh, my goodness. >> i was going to say it looks like he's skating on asphalt but that couldn't happen. >> is guy has to go pick up the mail and he's about to go greet the postman. >> it's probably the only way you can go on the road right now. >> i just figured it's a great way to get your cardio on a snow day. >> this is awesome. >> the thing is you've got to worry about that moment where the ice stops. >> the mailman here is probably like dude, can i borrow those
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>> i'm pretty jealous of that guy and these friends. this video was shot by brett elliott. they're in yukon. just having a good time with friends. the scenery are beautiful and so are these camera angles too. >> look at that. you could just skate for miles. get dropped off at one end of this lake or river and say all right, i'll meet you down in the next town. how fun would that be? >> it's almost like a secret. you'd expect hundreds of people to be doing this. >> it's notoriously windy and sometimes it will make for one giant and amazing skating rink. good times all around. >> a new use for a hot item. >> introducing drone blender. why you definitely don't want to stick your fingers into one of those. >> and a revenge prank that will keep you on your toes. >> this is the one prank where i
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when i have a breakout from eczema, i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five closed captioning provided by -- my skin's back. rescuers are working around this very deep well. you see this one guy lowering himself in at the bottom. not an animal to be rescued but an elderly woman in her 80s. the well was about 100 feet deep, but it looks to me like thankfully there was enough water in there that she didn't fall too far. they get some straps around her. >> what was she doing? >> she was walking around at night and stepped on an old board that was laid over the top of this well.
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she was down there for about an hour before rescuers were able to bring her up to safety. hospital. she's in stable condition, expected to be okay, but investigators found about 30 other wells in the nearby area, and it's since been corps roped off. >> this could be an absolutely fatal for her. >> and it's freezing. >> remember when your mama told you not to play with your food? that's out the door. introducing drone blender. we all know that the propellers on the drone can be a little bit sharp. >> you've got one of these basically, haven't you? what sort of damage? >> it doesn't do too much damage to the propeller. i can tell you the kind of damage it will do to your finger.
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it got my finger three times. >> i'm glad you mentioned that because the folks over at speed motion films do make a disclaimer. they say do be safe. don't grab it because your fingers could be chopped up. >> it's a bargain blender and it costs a couple of thousand dollars. >> if you're looking for other things to do with your drone. >> i think i need a beard. >> he's watching tv and he needs a beer. >> this is the only reason a man wants to buy a drone. >> you know how they do it. >> yeah, probably an empty can because there's tho way that small drone is going to lift a full beer, but they're on to something. >> they are. i'd get a drone if it could do that. >> if you prank, you're probably going to get pranked and ryan over at hammy tv is about to get a taste of his own medicine.
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and partnered up with ryan's best friend for this prank that is going to freak you a little bit out. >> ryan has to wake up very early this morning for army reserves. >> there's one thing about ryan anything. so i figure we can break into his house and see how he reacts. >> his best friend was actually the victim of one of ryan's pranks not too long ago so he wants some revenge so this is what they came up with. ryan's friend is going to break in through one of the bedrooms with a fake gun, mind you. >> this is one prank where i feel like someone may die. >> yeah! >> yeah! right? he runs into the room, sees this guy trying to break in,
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>> takes a keyboard to the head. >> and then he grabs the gun, try to lift him up and as he's lifting him up he realizes who it is. >> dude. dude, it's like 5:00 in the morning. >> that's his complaint. you couldn't have waited till the afternoon? >> i was thinking about how am i going to get -- >> it wasn't bad. i hit you over the head with the keyboard. >> just when his friend was thinking i got you back, man, he's like no, it's still zero. >> i just cracked you over the head. dude, it's like 5:00 in the morning. how many bananas can you eat in two minutes? >> it's amazing to see amateur
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>> leave it to cure yus pete to savl this -- solve this mystery. >> see their creative strategy to make their kick starter a
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. one day it appears. is that a dark spot? new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. if you've watched some of curious pete's videos, this might be one for you. this is his lovely girlfriend. she's going an eating challenge
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>> you wanted to do this banana eat off. >> i love bananas, but i think it's also a very mushy food that i can maybe get a chance at beating peter. >> they're working on some bananas. two minutes to eat a bunch of bananas. >> my money is on her. >> pete is a professional eater so he's going to handicap himself. >> we're going to do two things. one hand behind my back during this thing. >> this should help me. it should. >> and two, we're doing a two-minute eat off. start. >> all right. where's your money here? >> i think she's going to get like two down and he's going to eat maybe 25. >> i'm going with the underdog. i'm rooting for her. >> me too, but he knows what she's capable of. >> go. >> the funny part here is once pete join it is fray it's amazing to see amateur versus professional. >> you know what?
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it's like two bites and gone. >> because his mouth is probably way bigger than hers so he can put a bigger banana in there. >> once he's done with his own he looks over at her bunch and says yeah, i'll take a couple of those too. >> i physically can chew anymore. >> and -- dude! >> all right. the hand comes up. >> dude, i'd do the same thing. you already lost. stop chewing and spit it out. >> quite literally bit off more than she could chew. >> she did. >> kick starts that are pretty incredible. you have an idea, what if you don't get enough money on kick starter? what do you do then?
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studios, you make a song. they basically present the we didn't think it through, we didn't have enough experience. you see the kick starter here. it's for a game they want to create called empires of the undergrowth which is basically anent colony simulation game. they were able to raise $12,500 of the 22,000 that they needed, but remember if you don't get the amount of money that you need in the set time the kick starter doesn't go through. they've shot it three times to fit the music together. so they created this song to explain what's going on. >> i was thinking here, no wonder they needed so much money. they had to pay six guys.
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>> hopefully their kick starter will be a success. >> the cool part is they can save money in development by game. >> if you've ever wondered what goes on behind bars -- >> today we're going to be learning how to make hard candy
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you guys. >> today we're going to be learning how to make hard candy. >> this is scar. he's a cholo. but he's going to creative martha stewart. >> i can understand why. she's been to prison. hard time too. that's where he got this very
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>> the only place you can learn how to make them is in prison so watch and learn. >> so basically all you need is like a hot tub of water and like some jolly ranchers and some -- he's calling them lotus sticks which is basically like corn on the cob sticks. views. it's going superviral. >> you just smash it so it's nice and flat. >> he says while he was in prison he still wanted to give gifts and make gifts that he can give to the people that he loves so this is what the guys in there would do. >> you've got a lot of time to figure things out. >> he just wraps the jolly rancher and it starts forming the petals of these roses. >> like candy glass blowing.
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we use toilet rolls. >> that's awesome. that is a great stocking stuffer. >> it was pretty clever. >> i hope you guys learned something today. this is my gift from me to you. hope you guys take care of each other, love each other and watch each other's back.
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